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Mini Skateboards For The Little Ones

This is a general guide for skateboards suited to little rippers who are just starting out. Although there is no concrete rule for what size skateboard is perfect for each individual. This template is what we recommend from 15 years of selling skateboards in Canberra.

'Micro' sized skateboards (6.5"-6.75" wide) Good for the littlest of rippers. If you think your tiny human is showing some skill and balance? This is a great sized skateboard for 5 year olds or younger.

'Mini' sized skateboards (7.0" wide) Not too much bigger than the micro. These complete skateboards are good size for kids 5 & 6 years.

'Mid' sized skateboards (7.25"-7.375" wide) A good size for kids in the age group of 7 & 9 years.

'Full sized skateboards (7.5" & wider) Ok, so this size can be pretty broad. These sizes can suit a kid from the ages of 10 all the way to adulthood. Once again its all personal preference when it comes to board width particular in the full sized skateboards. Thinner boards are more manoeuvrable, lighter and easier to pop off the ground. Wider boards generally feel more stable under foot but add extra weight to the board. Every skater is different and has their own taste. Boards 8.25" wide are our most popular board side for grown adults with 8.0" boards our most popular for female riders.

Hopefully this guide has given a bit of insight into the world of skateboard sizes.

If your still not sure what size board to get? Feel free to give us a call or if you can make the trip in store and we can personally assist you choosing the right skateboard.

The Team @ Trilogy Skateboards